Holistic Nutrition is a natural approach to health using the study of food, supplements,, lifestyle and environment therapeutically to help bring the body back to a place of balance and vitality. There is a wisdom and knowing of the body that is powerful and instinctual and through disconnection this wisdom gets quiet. Holistic comes from the word WHOLE. Instead of just telling you what to eat I want to also show you how and why. There are alot of components to our health story and holistic nutrition considers them all.

The study of holistic nutrition uses evidence based science as well as traditional knowledge to understand all aspects of the human body. Through my diploma at Pacific Rim College I gained extensive understanding of western nutrition as well as a background in Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine and Herbal medicine to

provide me with a well rounded scope in which to look through when assessing your health concerns. There is always more to the picture of health then the zoomed in lens we tend to look through. Holistic nutrition sees you, your story, your symptoms, your body, your lifestyle as ONE to offer you true healing and happiness.

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