Nourished To-Go

A Weekly Meal Subscription Order Service that brings nourishing, wholesome meals into your home.

Providing thoughtfully designed & prepared Gluten Free meals that focus on whole health and are balanced with all the macro nutrients you need in a meal.


Designed carefully by Brooklyn Belanger, a qualified Holistic Nutritionist, every meal has a focus on organic, high quality and or locally sourced ingredients. All meals includes protein with dairy free, vegan and vegetarian options available too.


Nourished To-Go creates a new menu weekly which is released every Wednesday. Loaded with great recipes for you to select your choice of allocated meals from.

Simply make your selections online by Friday 6pm and pick up on Tuesday evening. For an extra fee select delivery for Wednesday mornings. 

For more info check out our FAQ


Currently open to Shawnigan Lake, Millbay, Cobble hill and Duncan, on the beautiful and abundant Vancouver Island.


We want to create a community based upon good, nourishing meals and creating time to share with those you love. 


Our Process

Take the guessing game out of meal time! Once you purchase a package you are billed weekly to have delicious, nourishing, allergen free food made for you each week. No more planning, prepping, cooking or cleaning, just ready to eat nourishment for your week ahead. all recipes formulated and prepared by a nutritionist!



Meal collection available between 4pm - 8pm from our kitchen address: 1681 COWICHAN BAY Road, Cow Bay, Vancouver Island.


Morning Meal Delivery (extra fee)

New menu emailed out


Submit your Menu selections by 6pm Friday - if you forget to submit your menu selection by this deadline we will make the selection for you...but don't worry they will all be yummy choices!


Relax & Enjoy! Knowing that you have your food sorted!

"You dont need to sacrifice your health anymore due to lack of time! Spend your time where it matters and let your food be taken care of."


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order just one week to try it out?

This is a meal subscription service so once you are signed up you are billed weekly. You can easily cancel or suspend your subscription anytime.

What happens if I am away one week or on holiday?

Simply send me an email and I can suspend your subscription anytime without canceling

What happens when I cancel with payments?

Because this is a subscription service you are billed one week in advance. So from the day you cancel you will get that following weeks food and then your plan will be over.

How many servings is each meal?

Currently this service provides 5 nourishing meals for one person. With the option to get a batch of our healthy weekly snack as well. We are hoping to make a family plan in the future.

How many menu options do I have for each week?

You have 3 delicious and very nourishing menu options in which you will select 5 meals. There may be more menu options soon but for now we are focusing on giving you 3 new amazing selections each week.

Does this plan work for Vegetarians or Vegans?

YES! There is a selection when you are ordering and we are able to make all of your dishes to suit this dietary preference!

I am a celiac, can I do this plan?

All of Nourished To-Go meals are gluten free!! If you have any food allergies we do everything we can to make sure your food is safe! We are working in another food facility so we DO NOT guarantee any allergies. But we are very careful when creating your food.

Do each of the meals include animal protein?

Yes! We use high quality meats in most of our dishes however there are always options to select a plant based protein instead.

Is everything organic?

At the moment we focus on local, whole, real food. We do not use only organic but a lot of our menu is organic. Quality ingredients are very important to us and we strive to use the top quality foods we can find.

When do I order my food?

The new menu will be emailed to you every Wednesday. It will also be up for viewing on the members page. You should have your order in by Friday at 6pm latest.

What happens if I don’t get my order in on time?

Don’t worry we will select the 5 delicious meals for you and they will be ready for you on pick up day!

What if I can’t pick up my order?

We offer local delivery to Shawnigan Lake, Cobble Hill, Duncan and Millbay for an extra 10$ charge. You pay this at time of drop off or you can pay here.

How can I find the members page?

Once you have subscribed you will be provided the password to access the members page. Click to access the members page now.

What happens if it says SOLD OUT when I go to join?

We are only accepting a limited amount of people each week and this is to assure the quality of the service and food. We are constantly managing it and making sure we are able to offer you the best food service we can. If you see the SOLD OUT pop up make sure you enter your email address to be contacted as soon as a space opens up!


Ready to start your weekly Meal subscription with Nourished To Go?

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"Everything has be so good! I am very happy. I wasn’t eaten dinner when I got home and now since doing Nourished ToGo I have a healthy dinner waiting for me when I get home from work each night". 

— LW


"Ummm your curry is seriously one of the top best things I have ever eaten. You have no idea how nice it was to have a lunch that’s healthy and filling for me ready to go this morning. I am so happy!! You definitely have a life long customer!"

— M.M.

— M.M.