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Nutrition 101 E-course

Has the current global situation sparked a light in you? A curiosity for understanding your health on a deeper level? Perhaps you have always been intrigued by nutrition and health and wellness. I can tell you right now that the best way to be able to navigate outside information is KNOWLEDGE.

Holistic health and nutrition are not going anywhere. It is time we all learned more about the foundations of our own body. How it functions, what it needs. This is the starting point to the road of empowerment. The person who will create long lasting health in your life is YOU.

You do not need to go out and do 3 years of schooling. Or make health and nutrition your career. This course was made for anyone who just wants to know more about nutrition or holistic health.

Learn from 3 practicing clinical nutritionists. We have taken all of our knowledge and put it into 6 video modules that are easy to understand.


It is low commitment but jam packed with the best information we thought you need to know right now!!! 6 modules including:

🥑 Diets + Nutritional individuality
✨ The Digestive System

🦠 The Microbiome
🌱 Allergies + Immunity
🌿 The Liver + Detoxification

🍎 Foundations of Food

Right now this course is on for only $50