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My name is Brooklyn Belanger and I am a Clinical Holistic Nutritionist, I spent 3 years studying holistic nutrition at Pacific Rim College, which is the most comprehensive, on-site nutrition training in North America.  I attended over 350 clinical hours.

Women's Health

Although I have a broad range of concerns I can help with I am extremely passionate on helping women and mothers have the best possible experience they can. Pregnancy is riddled with common complaints and symptoms that change throughout the 10 months. From fertility to conceiving, pregnancy and postnatal, mothers and families can use proper nutrition to maximize the enjoyment of this time and the health of themselves and their family. I want to re write our perception of pregnancy to be the instinctual magical time it is meant to be. If your looking to conceive, pregnant or have a new family let me help you ease any of your  concerns so you have the time and energy  to enjoy your life! 


I grew up on Vancouver Island in a small town called Shawnigan Lake. I am a full time momma to my baby boy Bowen, and it is the greatest gift of all. Growing up in a small town I spent a lot of my time out in the forests or down by the ocean taking in the world and its natural elements. I believe there are 5 important pillars when it comes to health: diet, stress, movement, sleep and thought. When one of the pillars is out of balance we find disease or discomfort.


It is my passion and mission to re-connect people to happiness and health through utilizing one of the strongest forms of medicine on the planet, food. I grew up with many of my own discomforts and areas of dis-ease and it was through food that I truly started to heal. Food connects every aspect of our bodies and our lives, eating is something we actively do everyday. How is it that we have forgotten its powerful effects on our body, mind and soul? I look to help you take a lead seat in your journey to health. I want to support you in understanding your body and the symptoms you are experiencing today, so you can move forward in living a life you want and love. 


  • Diploma of Holistic Nutrition - Pacific Rim College

  • Pregnancy and Lifestyle Nutrition -  Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU)

  • Reframe Nutrition 101 - Andrea Nakayama 

  • Certificate in Insulin Resistance: Pathophysiology and natural treatment with diet and herbs  

  • Certificate in A Functional Approach to Modern Disease

  • Certificate in Emotional Eating An Exploration of Stress Addictions and Eating Disorders 

  • Medicinal Aspects of Mushrooms and Seaweeds 

Meal Plans

In 2020 I launched Nourished To Go - A Weekly Meal Subscription Service that brings nourishing, wholesome meals into your home. Every meal has a focus on organic, high quality and or locally sourced ingredients. All meals come gluten free and include protein, with dairy free, vegan and vegetarian options available too. When it comes to healthy eating it is our goal that taste is never compromised!

If you want to find out more about Nourished To Go and give it a try, visit my website

Image by Brooke Lark


Working with Brooke has been an absolute dream. Never will she make you feel judged or ashamed
for the habits you may have with food and/or lifestyle. She always finds a way to make changes while still giving you the things you say you can’t live with out.


Brooke has sparked a passion for cooking in me that I didn’t think I would ever have. It’s not only easy but also affordable to create DELICIOUS healthy food. (Yes healthy food can taste so amazing!)

Say goodbye to yo-yo dieting and trying every diet fad because Brooke will create lasting changes that are easy and sustainable. Brooke is always my go to health source. Thanks for making me so much more happy and healthy. I look forward to so many more positive changes in my future working with you!

- Trish Tibbell

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