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Welcome to Nourished by B

My name is Brooklyn and I am a Clinical Holistic Nutritionist, whole foods recipe creator and lifestyle coach. I am also a full time momma to my beautiful son Bowen. I believe in the magic of food and a healthy food relationship. When we address our health from the root and create a realistic plan, our optimal health doesn't feel so far away. 

The world of nutrition can be confusing and contradictory. The thing is it doesn't have to be this way. It is my job to work with you to create a plan that you can stick to, to achieve health that feels natural, sustainable and good! 

As a nutritionist I work with my clients to create a step by step approach that is integrated into their everyday life. Enhancing your health doesn't have to include eliminating and restricting everything. It is my job to help you understand your body, your unique needs and from there formulate a plan that will help you reach your long term goals. 


When you combine the right plan, the magic of food and a healthy food relationship you achieve greatness! 

Image by Brooke Lark


Working with Brooke has been an absolute dream. Never will she make you feel judged or ashamed
for the habits you may have with food and/or lifestyle. She always finds a way to make changes while still giving you the things you say you can’t live with out.


Brooke has sparked a passion for cooking in me that I didn’t think I would ever have. It’s not only easy but also affordable to create DELICIOUS healthy food. (Yes healthy food can taste so amazing!)

Say goodbye to yo-yo dieting and trying every diet fad because Brooke will create lasting changes that are easy and sustainable. Brooke is always my go to health source. Thanks for making me so much more happy and healthy. I look forward to so many more positive changes in my future working with you!

- Trish Tibbell

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