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Are you feeling the love this Valentines?

This has always been a funny day for me, I have been in a relationship for a long time and have a baby boy, tons of family and friends who I love dearly however S E L F love is always a work in progress. So I want to speak to self love and leave you with some tools this Valentines to give some extra lovin to that BEAUTIFUL you that your are.

The meaning of valentines to me...

Well there are many different versions of the story of Valentines and everyone has a different perspective so today I choose to share mine and what I think of on this day. I happen to be an absolute sap, who is utterly fulfilled at the action of giving gifts! I loveeee to give both physical gifts and sentimental non physical ones. I get serious joy out of watching someone receive something I chose for them and some could say it's selfish. I also LOVE love. I think where there is love there is no room left for unwanted emotions. If you come from a place of love it is hard to act out of hate. I don't think we love enough today, I think we judge and criticize and are to hard on those around us, but also on ourselves.

I often see posts on social media bashing Valentines Day for what it can do to people who are not in a relationship. Some say that the day is a reminder of the single life as though that's a bad thing. Well I challenge those who feel this way to see the opportunity they are missing. There is great opportunity in this day to LOVE YOURSELF like you would anyone else. Heck surprise yourself with a huge box of chocolate if you wish!

For myself I know I give love like nobodies business but when it comes to truly loving myself unconditionally I find little cracks and judgements every where I look. Over the years as I work on my relationship to myself I have found some practices that really feed my soul. So here they are, this year if it is just you you're loving on then try and see it this way... You have a whole 24 hours to spoil the crap out of yourself and we all know in a world where we are often the lowest priority this could be life changing.

My favourite LOVE YOURSELF activities...

  • Hot Oil Massage: This is an old Ayurvedic traditional practice that increases body self love and if you have never tried it your in for a treat! First things first get some nice body oil and bring it to a warm temperature (not hot). Put an old towel on the ground in your bathroom and stand on that. Now get naked, stand in front of the mirror (or don't) and rub your whole body with the warm oil in circular motions towards your heart. Think of at least one thing you love about yourself. When your done hop in a warm bath, preferably with Epsom salts and soak! Use the same towel to dry and wash separately from

  • Dine Alone: This concept seems CRAZY to so many people I talk with but can be the best experience ever. Go out to your favourite restaurant, alone, order whatever you want (a glass of wine maybe) and allow the server to serve you, clean up and the best part is take all the time in the world. On a budget, light a candle and cook up your favourite meal at home!

  • Book A Treatment: If you have been dying to try acupuncture, cranio sacral, nutrition, get a massage or go to the float house book yourself an appointment ahead of time and give that to yourself as a gift. We always put our own health to the side to take care of others so silence the voice in your head saying whatever excuses it is and book yourself a treatment that will improve your health.

  • Caring Crate:This is a site where you can actually order a little self care subscription box to your door every month. It has 4-5 items like tea or journals that encourage self care <3. You can also send them as a gift to someone you love. I really love that they have a mental health focus. When suffering from mental health issues the last thing you can do is care for yourself so this is a great option and reminder.

Whatever you choose to do and whoever you are choosing to love this year, remember to make this year about love not all the other crowding emotions you may feel coming in. And if all else fails blast the Bob Marley song One Love and have a little dance party in your undies! Or see below for a delicious chocolatey recipe you can make this holiday that is safely sweet and delicious!

Dark Chocolate Avocado Mouse!


  • 2 cans full fat coconut milk (chilled)

  • 1.5 large avocado

  • 2 tbsp maple syrup

  • 2 tsp nut butter (I use organic peanut)

  • 3 tbsp raw cocao powder

  • 1 tsp maca powder (optional for a little extra aphrodisiac magic this holiday!

This recipe is quick, easy, decadent and delicious and it is health promoting in so many amazing ways! What better than a dessert you can over indulge in without the gut ache after right??

It is also versatile in the toppings so play around and have fun! If you are making this for a loved one this year try topping it with fresh raspberries or strawberries to give it that beautiful red colour!

If you are an avid Nourished by B follower you may notice a trend by now with my dessert recipes, they are always LOADED with healthy fats! This isn't just because they taste amazing it is also because they are so good for our body and so essential to our health. Now that is a complete blog post in its own. For this one I will say that these healthy fats are great for balancing your hormones and nourishing your brain, making them an awesome ingredient for a valentines dessert!


*** Make sure to chill your coconut milk in the fridge the night before and it is important to use a brand that solidifies when cold! I use Thai Kitchen and it works great!

Now for the fun part, creating some edible love...

Add the solidified part of the coconut milk into a blender or processor with a small dash of the liquid from the cans. Now whip it, whip it realllllll good.

Once it is combined and whipped feel free to add the rest of the ingredients and whip again until it is a smooth and creamy consistency. At this point you should taste your creation and make sure it is sweet enough for your liking. We are all unique and this is YOUR dessert to if you need to add another tbsp of maple syrup you do you!

When it is just right, portion it off into whatever container you have chosen. I like to use 3 small glass jars but you can also do one big portion or glass dish. You can use fancy martini glasses or whatever!!

Make it your own: Top with whatever goodness you choose, for this holiday you can do raspberries or strawberries, ground esspresso, nuts and seeds, coconut whip, candied anything!! Just go for it.

When they look perfect and delightful store them in the freezer with some sort of cover and let sit for at least an hour or 2. Ideally 4.


In love and health,


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